Pao de queso (Brazilian Cheese rolls)
Takes about 1 hour


Never use a food processor to mix or the dough will be unmanagable!

(10 persons)

1 kg of polvilho azedo (a variety of manioca flour)
5 eggs
1 glass full of water
1 glass full of sunflower oil
1 large tablespoon of salt
1 plate full (piatto fondo) of grated parmisan or caciotta
milk, if needed.

Put in a pot water, salt and oil and heat them until they reach boiling point.

Let the water/oil mixture cool a bit and then mix it with the polvilho flour (never use a food processor to mix or it won't work!!!).

Add the eggs and the cheese. You should get a mixture which is not too thick. If the mixture is too thick, simply add milk. The mixture should have the texture of a very thick custard cream.

Dip the palm of your hands in a bit of sunflower oil and make 3-4 cm balls with this dough (it will tend to spread so don't worry it the texture appears to be too liquid) and place them directly in a tray.

Cook in an oven (170-180 degrees) for approximately 20 minutes.