Bar Versciacco
December 2006

A restaurant bar on the ski slopes? What did you say? Expensive tourist trap? Well think again. These guys know what they are doing. Pretty nice dishes like goulash soup or pork ribs with roasted potatoes will definitely sort you out during your ski days. And for a very reasonable 15 Euros this places is well worth a visit...or three.

La Giarrettiera
October 2006
via Marinai d'Italia
Tel: +39 0185 720658

Simply put one of the best traditional osterie in the Veneto Region. Serving old traditional dishes such as bigoi con l'anara or baccala'. For a very honest average price of 20 Euros this restaurant is a must!

La Baracchetta di Biagio
August 2005
via Marinai d'Italia
Tel: +390185720658

Closed: never
Baracchetta di Biagio is a small restaurant on the shore of Recco. Its speciality is focaccia with cheese. Expect to pay an average of 20 Euros. The restaurant never closes. Maybe a bit on the pricey side.

May 2005
Via G. Stampa 4
Tel: +39 02 89095538

Closed: Sat/Sun lunch
Interesting Indian restaurant in the very heart of Milan. Presents all typical British-Indian dishes from tandoori to vindaloo. Bill in the region of 50 Euros.

Auberge le Bouc Bleu
April 2005
Alsace - France
Tel: +33 (0)389 478821

Closed: Wed and Thu
This Alsatian restaurant serves classing French dishes revisited. Highlights surely include a fantastic fois gras produced by the owners themselves. Expect to pay in the region of 50 Euros for a two course meal.

Trattoria da Tanduo
December 2004
Fondamenta Manin 67/68
Murano - Venezia
Tel: +39 041 739310

Closed: N/A
Surprisingly good Venetian restaurant in the heart of Murano. Serving venetian dishes from bigoi in salsa to poenta e schie. For an average price of 20 Euros this place is sure worth a visit next time you are in Venice.

Osteria al Ponte
December 2004
San Polo 2741/A
Tel: +39 041 5237238

Closed: N/A
Also known as "La Patatina" because of its speciality (patatina in Italian means "little potato") this place is a typical Venetian Bacaro. For a quick drink it's an excellent place. Eat there and expect to pay in the region of 25 Euros.

Secondo Baracchino
August 2004
via Riviera Po, 5
Mezzano di Castelvetro (PC)
Tel: +39 0523823560

Closed: Mon and Tue
If you're into torta fritta, gnocchi and all those great recipes from the Pianura Padana look no further. On a misty bank of the River Po this old fashioned trattoria waits for you. You'll pay 20 Euros to get yourself a cart load of memories.

La Carioncella
July 2004
Via Argine Traversagno, 25
Bondeno (FE)
Tel: 0532 894301

Closed: Mon
Although some of their dishes like pasta al ragu' or tortelli di zucca kinda follow the Ferrarese tradition, this place is cramming togheter bits and pieces from all sorts of walks of life. Piadinas, grilled meats and ordinary side dishes might be worth 25 Euros but the quality is a bit on the low side.

Dal Fritoin
July 2004
Piazza XX Settembre 33
Noale (VE)
Tel: +39 041 5800774

Closed: Mon
Sometimes restaurants have got an ability to surprise. This is the case with Fritoin. Located in the countryside of Venice this place surprised us with a superb bigoi coi zotoi (pasta served with very small cuttlefish). In general, for 30 Euros, some superb fish dishes.

Ristorante Crotto Buzzi
March 2004
Via Cantine 29
Porto Ceresio (VA)
Tel: +39 0332 917619

Closed: N/A
It has to be said: the best thing about this restaurant is its superb location with an amazing glasshouse facing the lake. Pizzas (which are nothing more than ok) and other uninspired dishes will part you from 30 Euros.

Chalet Lago dei Caprioli
December 2003
Lc. Fazzon 53
Pellizzano (TN)
Tel: +39 0463 751112

Closed: always open
Located in the middle of an ancient mountain forest this interesting restaurant serves classics revisited in an interesting modern way. Highlights include venison ravioli. For an average price of 30 Euros for a two course meal, this place is sure worth the trek.

Trattoria L'Aciugheta
April 2003
Via Confine 4
Mira (VE)
Tel: +39 041 4265182

Closed: Sun and most evenings.
Serving traditional Venetian dishes such as bigoi in salsa and schie con polenta at very reasonable prices (20 Euros for a two course meal) this place is a definite must!

Sushi Kanpachi
March 2003
Tel: 38327357

Closed: N/A.
There is very little that can be said about this place. Simply put the best sushi ever. An average price of 150 Euros is what it takes to taste some slices of heaven.

Beblenheim (F)
Auberge Le Bouc Bleu

Ferrara (I)
Milan (I)

Piacenza (I)
Trattoria Secondo Baracchino

Recco (I)
La Baracchetta di Biagio

Tokyo (J)
Sushi Kanpachi

Trento (I)
Chalet Lago dei Caprioli

Valdagno (I)
Osteria La Giarrettiera

Varese (I)
Ristorante Pizzeria Crotto Buzzi

Venice (I)
Dal Fritoin
Osteria al Ponte "La Patatina"
Trattoria Da Tanduo
Trattoria L'Aciugheta

Versciacco (I)
Bar Versciacco