Pulenta Infasulada
Takes about 2 hours

Very easy

Very cheap
Golden oldie from the Pianura Padana. If you want a taste from the old days, try it out!

(6 persons)

250gr of coarse corn flour;
3-400 gr of borlotti beans (best dried and of the dark variety);
1 large glass of extravirgin olive oil;

Typical poor man's family dish prepared during "All Souls Day" in the Pianura Padana area where the regions of Emilia; Veneto and Lombardia come close together on the banks of river Po, polenta infasulada is a true "golden oldie"

To prepare it, leave the dried beans to soak all night. Boil the beans in water and KEEP the water in which the beans have been cooked.

Measure the amount of beans water; if it does not add up to 1.5 liters add normal water until you reach that measure.

Add back the beans to the water, add salt and take almost to boiling point. Add very slowly the corn flour and always stir to avoid lumps.

Add the oilve oil and A LOT of ground pepper. Cook for approximately 45 mins. Then transfer the polenta in a pot and leave to cool down.

Polenta infasulada can be eaten warm or cold, roasted briefly under the grill or pan fried briefly in a small oil.