Nina's okra
Half an hour


Classic side dish

(4 persons)

1 kg of okra;
2 medium onions;
3 cloves of garlic; ginger;
2 tea spoon of cumin;
1 tea spoon of tumeric;
3 tea spoons of garam masala;
2 tea spoons of tandoori masala;
1 teaspoon of salt;
2 table spoons of tomato puree;
vegetable oil;
150 gr of yogurth;
vegetable oil

Ok guys this is a bit tricky as okra tends to release a gelatinous liquid which tends to be very sticky.

Chop the okra and wash it a lot till the sticky liquid inside is completely drained. Dry and leave to rest overnight in the fridge.

Finely chop the onions, the garlic and 1 table spoon of fresh ginger. Stir fry gently for 20 mins the onion, the garlic, the cumin seeds and the ginger in vegetable oil.

Add the tomato puree and leave for 10 more minutes. Add salt, garam masala, tandoori masala, the okra and the yogurth and cook in a large pan stirring.

Don't overcook it as the more you cook it the more sticky liquid will start pouring out of the okra. A bit tricky but delicious.