11 February 2007

When music meets gastronomy. Read Erik's reviews on food, restaurants and more from his life on the road. When rock meets tagliatelle and analog synths meet sautee pans, a new unforgettable page is born: muccasantissima, for all the music and food lovers.

10 December 2006
Wine Page

New Wine page added. In this first page we explore the realms of the different Italian wine grapes. The page is still under constructio n but already includes some interesting insights.

11 November 2006
ONAV Night: noble rot wines

Click here to learn more about Noble Rot Wines. A very interesting night of wine tasting organised by Onav, introduced us to some exquisit wines. Perfect selection for the Xmas festivitie

22 august 2005
Site review

Angie, proud host of the Supereva "Mangiare bene" channel has reviewed mammasantissima. Here's the link where you can read all about it (in Italian).

Mangiare Bene by Angie

8 June 2005
New Recipes
A number of very interesting new recipes is added. Examples include the fantastic Tiron ad Figarol a recipe which has been almost saved from extinction and the classic brazilian Pao de Queso. Not to mention a special add on stolen from Francesca's book of secrets: Trippa alla moda di Francesca.

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County Fairs
What's going on near your town? Find it out in the ultimate selection of the best county fairs and trade shows of Italy and the world.
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